Life Teen

Life Teen

Life Teen for Senior High

Grades 9th - 12th

Catholics & Non-Catholics Welcome

Sundays 4 - 6 pm in Hope Hall

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For more information contact Ally Toth at 208-344-8311.

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We are excited to announce our theme for this year of Life Teen: “Relentless Father”

Having a theme gives us the opportunity to pray about what message God wants the teens to hear this year, and what will be most helpful for them individually, and for the group as a whole. It also helps us focus everything we do around one goal, creating a cleaner and more goal-oriented ministry. What does it mean to have “Relentless Father” as our theme this year? It means that all of our retreats, life nights, and events will revolve around the goal of giving teens an experience of the heavenly Father’s love for them. Our goal is for teens to realize, through an encounter with Jesus Christ, that the Father they have in heaven is merciful, loves them unconditionally, and relentlessly pursues them. We pray that your teen can experience the great love of the Father in their life this year by joining us at all of our Life Teen events!