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Safety Guidelines
As the numbers of COVID-19 continue to rise in Boise we have regressed back to Stage 3; we therefore want to give you a few updates in regard to health safety here at Sacred Heart: 

  • Bishop Peter has extended the dispensation from obligation to attend Sunday Mass.  This is true for anyone who is: over the age of 60, or immunocompromised, or has anxiety or concern about health/safety coming to Mass.  With our weekend numbers reaching near capacity (based on social distancing requirements), we encourage anyone in these groups to continue to stay home.
  • At the same time, we know that many of you are longing for Mass in person.  There is always a risk of going into any public setting at this time, but we are going to be dedicating Thursday mornings at 8:30am for the elderly and those with greater health concerns.  For this Mass we will require masks and encourage even greater distancing.  Throughout this time we have been averaging just under 30 people for daily Masses so there should be room to spread out. 
  • For every Mass (especially on weekends) please continue to help us by maintaining the 6 foot distancing, hand sanitizing, and wearing masks (required) for personal safety and the safety of others.  We ask that individuals and couples sit in shorter pews and leave the longer pews available for family groups.  Once you are seated in a pew or chair, please do not move. Arrive early for Mass. Ushers and/or staff will direct you where to sit prior to Mass beginning, but once the Procession has begun, we may not be able to seat people in the church, especially large groups.

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September 19

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September 2

(Limited Occupancy/Masks Required)
Saturday 5 pm | Sunday 8:30 am, 11 am & 6 pm

Tuesday - Friday 8:30 am
(No 7 am Mass at this time)

Saturday 2 - 3 pm in Faith Hall
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