Becoming Catholic - RCIA

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    WHY do Catholics do the things they do?

    WHAT is the MASS all about anyway?

    WHAT do Catholics believe and WHY?

    HOW is the Catholic faith different from other faith traditions?

    WHAT is the role of MARY and the SAINTS in the Catholic Church?

    WHAT’s what in the Church?

    WHAT is RCIA and WHO is it for?


 RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, a process used by Catholic parishes to welcome and prepare adults who are interested in becoming Catholic or exploring whether or not the Catholic faith is for them (or baptized Catholic, but not yet Confirmed). We gather together, learn about the Catholic faith, pray, and share our journey together in community.

Whether you are seeking God for the first time, are an already baptized Christian of another denomination, were baptized Catholic as an infant, but received little education in the faith, or a baptized Catholic who has stepped away from the Church, we welcome you. For more information, please contact Mark Raper at 208-344-8311, [email protected] or drop by the parish office at 811 S. Latah St., Boise, Idaho.

You may also download the following document and return it to the Parish via one of the ways listed above.

RCIA & Confirmation Registration Form