Staff Listing

Parish Staff

Photo of Fr. Rob Cook
Fr. Rob Cook




Debbie Fischer 
Minister of Children's Religious Education


Photo of Roger Graefe
Roger Graefe
Jr High Youth Ministry & Evangelization

Photo of Allison Toth
Allison Toth
High School Youth Ministry & Confirmation


Photo of Debbie Chester
Debbie Chester
Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation & Ministries


Photo of Janet Rollinger
Janet Rollinger
Business Manager

Photo of Linda Graefe
Linda Graefe
Office Manager & Music Leader (6pm)
Photo of John Pettinger
John Pettinger
Maintenance Supervisor


Photo of Susan Daly
Susan Daly
Music Leader (5pm & 8:30am)


Photo of Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson
Music Leader (11am)


Photo of Brock Carpenter
Brock Carpenter
Principal of Sacred Heart Elementary School