Staff Listing




Photo of Fr. Rob Cook
Fr. Rob Cook



Photo of Rick Bonney
Rick Bonney




Photo of Brian Flowers
Brian Flowers



Photo of Jude Gary
Jude Gary



Photo of Dan Vawser
Dan Vawser




Debbie Fischer

Minister of Children's Religious Education


Photo of Roger Graefe
Roger Graefe

Jr High Youth Ministry & Evangelization


Photo of Allison Toth
Allison Toth

High School Youth Ministry & Confirmation


Photo of Debbie Chester
Debbie Chester

Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation & Ministries


Photo of Janet Rollinger
Janet Rollinger

Business Manager


Photo of Linda Graefe
Linda Graefe

Office Manager & Music Leader (6pm)


Photo of Susan Daly
Susan Daly

Music Leader (5pm & 8:30am)


Photo of Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson

Music Leader (11am)


Photo of Brock Carpenter
Brock Carpenter

Principal of Sacred Heart Elementary School


Photo of John Pettinger
John Pettinger

Maintenance Supervisor